Rustic Chic Dropshop



Rustic Chic Market

1437 Jessamine Road, Lexington, SC 29073

How It Works:

First, be sure the product you are interested qualifies for the dropshop service (if this option is not available in the dropdown box upon checkout, this item does not qualify). If you run a search at the top of the webpage for "Rustic Chic Market Dropshop," all products being shown are included in this service. Not all sellers on Midlands Marketplace offer this dropshop service so please check this prior to purchasing!

This service is FREE to the buyer but there is a small charge for the seller to utilize this to cover storage, handling and follow up. Rustic Chic Market dropshop was created for both the seller as well as the buyer's safety, creating a public drop location and not having to publicize personal address, and to adapt with everyone's fast-paced schedules, allowing buyers/sellers flexibility to pick up at their convenience. 

Sellers who opt-in to utilize the dropshop service, will have this service listed on their profile page. The buyer must select "Rustic Chic Market Dropshop" from the dropdown menu upon purchase of the product. The item(s) will be available for pickup the first Saturday of the month during market hours (10am until 2pm) at the above location  (please refer to the product description for turnaround time as some sellers offer custom services which may vary this timeframe). The buyer will receive an email from the seller once the purchase has been made. Once notification is made, it is the buyer's responsibility to pick up their item(s) on time during market. Sellers reserve the right to charge a storage fee if the item is not picked up as arranged. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT upon checkout!